Collection of minimal and extensible front-end components and utilities

Easily implement interactive JavaScript effects in your next project without opinionated CSS styling and bloat

Version 1.1.1


Oblik Toolkit is a collection of minimal and extensible JavaScript components and utilities, created and maintained by Oblik Studio. It's not focused on reactivity like Vue or React. It's also not a framework with predesigned components like Bootstrap. What it does focus on is just interactive behaviors. Things like parallax and scroll effects, sliders, etc.

The toolkit can be compared to UIKit, from which it has drawn a lot of inspiration. The main difference is that Oblik focuses solely on the JavaScript parts and depends on CSS as little as possible, leaving styling in your hands.

Main goals of the project are:

  1. Giving you components with logic for interactive behaviors
  2. Allowing you to easily extend those components or create your own
  3. Providing a way to easily use components with just HTML attributes

# Architecture

Instead of providing do-it-all solutions, the target of Oblik is to give you object-oriented components that:

Oblik is meant to be used as a dependency in your project where you import just the things you need. However, you could also use it straight from a CDN.

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